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Level Courses
GMAA begins with foundational content for the clinical Pelvic Floor study at home. 1 day of online, lecture-based content, instructed by profesionnal caretakers from all over the world. Every Level is devided into sessions, and each session lasts for 45-55 mins. You may perchase it separately or as a package. Total of four levels including a thorough overview of pelvic anatomy, concepts and techniques in trunk and pelvic evaluation and examination including the observation and retraining of movement patterns. Lectures will cover specific conditions including urinary incontinence and pelvic pain. Concepts related to trauma-informed care will also be included in this comprehensive introduction. Single session: $59.99 package price: $209.99
Fertility, Pelvic Floor & Postpartum Rehabilitation: Level II
Fertility, Pelvic Floor & Postpartum Rehabilitation: Level IIInstructor

Chapter 1: Fertility (by Dr.Lizle Oosthuizen) Comprehensiv...

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Functional Applications in Pelvic Rehabilitation I
Functional Applications in Pelvic Rehabilitation IInstructor

Chapter 1: Pelvic Anatomy (45mins) 1. List the bony, ...

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Online Workshop
Please note that the Pelvic Floor series Workshop typically fill up about 2-3 months before the scheduled course date. It is highly recommended that participants register well in advance to reserve their seats. If you need your employer to send a check for your registration payment, please click the Request Invoice button on the course event page to reserve your seat.
Hands On Training
Due to COVID-19, the onsite training scheduled in July 10th will be cancelled. For more online hands-on training, please contact our course consultant for specific time zone. The up comping Hands-On Training will be reopen on Oct.11th.