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About us

The Global Maternity Academic Association (GMAA) is a non-profit academic organization located in Germany. We are committed to advancing global excellence in maternal care especially for urogynecology and pelvic floor health through education, academic communication, advocacy, interdisciplinary research as well as social responsibility.

  • Develop educational initiatives including seminars, training curricula and courses to facilitate the access to the knowledge on urogynecology problems.
  • Provide a forum for professionals to engage in critical discussion and interchange of information on the prevention, diagnosis, and management of pelvic floor disorders.
  • Support clinical and collaborative trials that address specific questions related to pelvic floor dysfunction.
Our members, including urogynecologists, physiotherapists and nursing practitioners, are professionals active in the fields of obstetrics, gynecology, and urology.
GMAA works with a team of top specialists from related backgrounds and make sure of the delivery of excellent education materials. We provide a wide range of education programs (seminars, training sessions, open workshops, online lectures and courses) for urogynecologists, physiotherapists, nurse practitioners, care providers and other rehabilitation professionals.