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Launch Event & Signing Ceremony for Strategic Academic Cooperation between the GMAA and Medlander

2020-11-27 14:58:00

The 1st Pelvic Floor Health Medecine Jinling Summit Forum was hosted on November 26th in Nanjing, China to introduce and sign the Strategic Academic Cooperation Agreement between the Global Maternity Academic Association and Medlander Medical Technology INC. The Cooperation Agreement is the fruit of a dialogue which began in 2018 and will open the path for the GMAA’s academic initiatives in the Asia-Pacific region.


The keynote address was given by Mr. Josephson, representative of the Accreditation & Assessment Board of the Global Maternity Academic Association in China, and was followed by statements by Mr. Hunter Yang, CEO of Medlander, and Mr. Kevin Yang, CMO of Medlander. The Cooperation Agreement was formally adopted in a signing ceremony. Mr. Hunter Yang stressed the need for cooperation between international medical entities to enhance the global education and exchanges on women’s health issues.


Medlander is one of the leading pelvic floor medical equipment manufacturers in China. Medlander Medical Technology Research Academy is the academic branch of Medlander system, and holds annually more than 300 academic conferences, seminars, and training courses nationawide, covering all topics on women’s pelvic floor rehabilitation and reproductive health.



At this ceremony, GMAA officially authorized Medlander Medical Technology Research Academy as the GMAA’s exclusive academic cooperation institution in the Asia-Pacific region, and will join hands with Medlander to open certification courses in the Asia-Pacific region, establish joint training centers, and carry out academic exchange visits between China and Germany.



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